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Brett Hartman
Real Estate Agent

Back when Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone and “Transformers” was taking over the theaters, a 25-year-old decided to join the family business and get his real estate license.

Fast forward through 7 “Transformers” movies and lots of life lessons learned, I’m going for “take 2” at the crazy world of being a Realtor.
So, why did I leave? To be honest, I wore myself out. So I stepped away from the business and moved on to pursue another passion of mine, restoring vintage cars. I never lost my passion for helping agents or the occasional friend who needed help with a transaction. It truly is in my blood.

A month ago, I toured homes for a family member and saw the level of agents doing deals, and the overall experience of a ho-hum real estate transaction. It got my wheels spinning, but it also made my heart sink. I realized I love being onstage sharing my knowledge, but I also care about the millions of homeowners and the real estate industry as a whole. I thought long and hard and prayed harder for what I should do. My decision was easy.

If you are wondering where I am going to start, here is my plan:
1. I am back to networking with as many people as possible.
2. I am driving the neighborhoods to learn where all the newest communities are.
3. I am watching my competition.
4. I am talking to local shop owners and letting them know where I will be farming and getting them excited about real estate.
5. I am remembering to remind everyone that I am happy to help people buy and sell real estate anywhere in the greater Houston area.

His motto, “It’s not just my business. It’s my neighborhood.” runs true to his real estate service.

PHONE: (832) 630-7233

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Brett Hartman

Houston, TX

Real Estate Agent